Converged Heterogeneous Advanced 5G Cloud-RAN Architecture for Intelligent and Secure Media Access

End-to-end virtualised security

CHARISMA will provide advanced security features by taking advantage of emerging technologies such as SDN and NFV. Security policy management, decision control for threat detection, virtualization isolation, identity and access management and proactive traffic and resource monitoring are the assets forseen to deliver secure end-to-end services for 5G networks ...

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High bandwidth and low-latency service experience

CHARISMA aims to provide a very low-latency 5G networking architecture. We are addressing the low-latency aspect in a variety of ways. The first one is our adoption of a hierarchical architecture approach, where data is always routed, where possible, at the lowest common aggregation point or flexibility node ...

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Open access / multi-tenant network architecture

CHARISMA will create an open access 5G network architecture, to allow virtualised slicing of network resources to different service providers over the same common infrastructure, as a means to leverage down costs and achieve efficient exploitation of available network resources ...

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